Month: October 2011

Morgan – 30 shot

I went skating with Morgan Smith and Aaron Brown the other day at the Berrics outdoor park, place is so amazing.  They were working on what should end up being a video for 30 shot.  I skated around a bit myself but my knee was messed up at the time so I just got to business and snapped a few pics. (more…)

sml. wheels at Utility Board Supply

I shot this photo of Austyn Gillette about a year ago, sml. wheels ran it as an ad and I was hyped because I really like the photo.  Now Utility Board Supply has it posted on their front page.  Go check it out and while your there pick up some sml. wheels, best in the biz!

Liberty 12 stair contest

Liberty Boardshop and Almost Skateboards put on a contest a few weeks ago at the Arovista 12 stair in Brea.  Basically kids had to throw themselves down the set for about an hour or so and the best trick would give the skater free Almost boards for a year, not too shabby.  It was a busy day for me but I made it just in time to shoot some of the wildness that went down.  Although Auby Taylor stuck more tricks than I’ve seen from any one person in quite a while, the win had to go to Charley Ford with a mean switch 360 flip down the set.  Kids are crazy these days!  Go check some of the contest pics and get sparked to hit the streets!!


Morgan Smith – ESPN interview

A while back ESPN hit me up for some pictures of our good friend Morgan “Wild” Smith to do an interview.  I didn’t hear back for quite a while but an email the other day let me know they were running them, the photo game is crazy.  Go check the interview of one of the most humble people I know, fresh off of winning Battle at the Berrics 4, getting second at Maloof Lord of the Lines, and destroying everything in his path.