Fair Man show

A few weeks ago I went to a Fair Man show at the Copper Door in downtown Santa Ana.  It was about the 3rd time I’ve seen them perform and I’m definitely more and more impressed every time I see them.  I don’t claim to be a music critic of any kind, but I know what I like.  These guys have a pretty unique sound that’ll get your feet going.  Fair Man consists of Mike Karapetian (drums/guitar), Jeff Chikami (lead guitar), Austyn Gillette (vocals/guitar), and Dave Hayashi (bass/guitar).  Here’s a few pics from the show and be sure to go check out their music on their facebook band page.  Also, if you can make it Fair Man and a few other bands are going to be performing at the Copper Door on Tuesday November 8th for the Save Sirmon Benefit.  Go enjoy music and support a good cause!


Dave, Jeff, and Mike getting plugged in

sound check

little more sound check

Jeff Chikami ladies and gentlemen


one of my favorite pics of the night

Austyn and Jeff seducing the ladies

Mike and Jeff switching it up

ending the show with a bang

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