Trajectory – sml. wheels

First and foremost, please excuse my lame attempt at a trajectory logo.  Now for those of you that don’t know, trajectory is a segment that the Berrics does on smaller, lesser known companies within skateboarding.  Basically gives you an insight to some companies that you may or may not know about.  Currently videographer Colin Kennedy is filming and directing one for the guys over at sml. wheels.  Colin is a genius behind the lens and his resume includes many of the DVS echo commercials and most recently the Gatorade commercial featuring Chaz Ortiz.  Needless to say sml. is ecstatic to have this project in such good hands.  It usually takes a few days of filming to put these things together and I was lucky enough to tag along on the first two.  Here’s a few behind the scenes pics of Colin and the sml. team in action.


Colin and Austyn

Colin gettin those angles

Aaron and Javan doing work

sml. wheels’ Javan Campello

Austyn’s dog Walter

Austyn loves Brea park

Aaron loves when my flashes go off in his face

Javan Campello – switch flip

checking the footage

Austyn Gillette – bs lip

Austyn Gillette – bs tail, Walter lurking

last minute shots

A few days later I met up with Colin, Austyn, and Raymond Molinar at a metal ledge…

Raymond Molinar – switch f/s crook

stealing Colin’s angle

Raymond Molinar



quick lines



tired feet

I’ll have a part two to this post as soon as I get out there and shoot it.  Thanks to Colin, Aaron, and everyone else at sml. wheels.  Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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