Month: December 2011

off the grid/text yourself goodness

Although these links have already been up for a minute, I still had to do a shout out for the homies.  The berrics is definitely killing it with its last off the grid article, featuring our boys James Craig and Danny Garcia; not to mention being filmed by Colin Kennedy.  Makes me think of the old days skating with this crew, always a good time.  Next throw in a text yourself featuring Ronnie Creager and that’s just some damn good entertainment.  Don’t worry, I’ll stop feeding off other peoples subject matter and get some of my own in due time.


Liberty postcard

I shot this photo of Ben a while back.  First off most people don’t know how gnarly Ben is: that wall is full on brick, the black top before is definitely not smooth, add in the uneven crack riddled ground and the resulting chest high frontside wallride is downright rugged.  I sent the pic over to Liberty and they turned it into one of their postcards, always psyched to contribute to the fam.  Thanks to Jeremy and Boomer over at Liberty and of course Mr. Ben Paulsrud for letting me document his wizardry.

-jmar !!!

I am very pleased to announce that my website is finally up and running!  There’s still a few minor tweaks to be made but overall it is ready and I could not be happier.  A huge thank you to Lowell Ong for making it happen.  Also a big thanks to anyone I’ve ever shot with, lets do it again sometime!