Trajectory – sml. wheels – Part II

Although I missed the second day of filming for sml.’s trajectory, I made it out for the third.  Most of the team made it to Lincoln skatepark in LA and were all psyched and ready to go…except for the few minor details of Raymond being hurt, Javan being hurt, and James being super sick…

Austyn Gillette blasting a head high alley oop frontside flip

Colin hard at work

sml. wheels

Walter holding down the double set

warm up game of s.k.a.t.e.

Danny Garcia, switch inward heel

Aaron and Colin

Austyn front nose

my C roll of Colin’s B roll

special appearance by Daryl Angel, ollie over 50-50

being sick can’t stop the Craig-man, nollie cab heel

Danny giving Javan life lessons

life lessons applied: Javan Campello, smith grind

dropped some change on that smith

Raymond Molinar, back tail

the crew winding down

Austyn might have a little juice left…

…..switch backside noseblunt

Thanks again to Aaron, James, Colin, Austyn, Danny, Raymond, Javan, and Daryl for the good times.  Lets do it again soon!


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