Month: February 2012

Sammy Montano – Peak park sesh

I went to Peak park a few days ago with Sammy Montano and Aaron Brown.  Sammy banged out a little part there in under 2 hours, pretty sick.  Go check the part here, and while you’re at it go look at the behind the scenes interview he did for the cover of Blast Magazine also.  Here’s a few pics of him filming his part, keep on ripping Sammy!

-jmar (more…)

Skate and Create – Robbie D ditch

This year dwindle was one of the teams entered in Transworld’s “Skate and Create” contest and I wanted to give props to James Craig and all the other skaters and individuals involved, the video was done really well and you should go check it here asap.  I was psyched to see that one of the chosen spots was a local ditch that was made famous by the infamous Robbie D, so I went and found a few pics that I shot one day while we were having some fun there…enjoy…



New sml. ad

Here’s the newest ad I shot for sml. wheels. You’ll be seeing the footage of Javan doing this switch heelflip soon enough but for now go check some of his extra footage here. Those new sml. wheels are looking pretty flossy, big ups to Colt Bowden for designing them.  Also a shout out to Lowell Ong for putting this ad together.