LE demo at Liberty Boardshop

Been pretty busy the past few weeks, but here we go!

Liberty Boardshop and Life Extention Skateboards put on a signing and demo a while back and I cruised out to hang out with some friends and see some skateboarding go down…

Tony Tave, Nick Trepasso, and Pat Pasquale of LE skateboards

signing anything and everything for the kids

grill-master O’Conn handling business

business looks good!

Ronnie Creager is a man of many talents…

the ollie that started it off

Frankie banging out a hardflip…a switch big spin…

AND a f/s flip!

Pat giving Frankie props and a new board, well deserved

Brea local Ryan handling a f/s board with media in full effect

Ryan hucking a 360 flip

Another Brea local RJ with a 360 shove it

Javan Campello’s hemp shoes

Javan nollie flipping the 12 second try!

Tony Tave doing work, be sure to catch the sequence in their new ad coming soon

product toss to end the day

All in all a great day, thanks to Liberty Boardshop, LE skateboards, and everyone that came out!  Be sure to check Aaron Brown’s video of the day here also!



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