Gravis/Analog Demo

Liberty Boardshop has been having an onslaught of great activities lately and this one was no different.  Both the Gravis and Analog teams came out and ripped.  Hope you enjoy the photos!


Austyn Gillette – alley oop fs flip

Dylan Rieder – fakie fs flip

Javan, Austyn, Dylan

Austyn – bs tail shove it

Javan Campello tweaking a bs tail on the big quarter

Walter found something….


Dylan’s head high fs flip

Walter is feelin Austyn’s nollie 180

…and his backside noseblunt

Greyson Fletcher with a massive one foot ollie

Javan’s frontside blunt

Dylan’s frontside blunt

sometimes the younger Liberty heads need to keep us old dogs looking proper

Dylan – nollie 180 manual

steezy kickflip

free stuff + kids = stoked

thought I found some shoes…just a box..wahh

stretching gives you pop

…here’s the proof

bossman Boomer making sure everything is on the level

and then some!  Bazookatime nosegrindin!

Austyn – nollie bs flip

it’s definitely a dogs life

Thanks to Liberty, Gravis, Analog and all the skaters that made it out.  If you wanna see footage of all the ripping go check Aaron Brown’s video here!

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