Go Skate Day 2012….on the Red Bull Bus!!

I have actually had to miss the last few Go Skateboarding Days because of this or that reasons, but I was beyond stoked to not miss out on the festivities this year.  Liberty and JSLV hooked it up and got a red bull bus to cart 30 or more of us out to the Venice Skatepark for the Go Skate Day event there.  I decided I wanted to pound a bunch of red bulls and see what happened, bad call.  Here’s some of the photos that I was able to snap whilst my heart was going a million miles a minute.

free stuff always gets the kiddies stoked

don’t get me wrong I’m not anti energy drink..just don’t pound 3 in 30 minutes when you never drink them to begin with

Aaron setting up the Go-Pro on the bus

photo school/artsy/don’t quit your day job

young guns getting pumped

kids wildin’

Sean Walsh on the 1’s and 2’s for the ride out…or on the ipod actually..

bus + kids + windows = someone’s getting flipped off

Bossman Lopes!

I just like this photo

skate Dad needs to teach his son not to mall grab

five-0 grind

we made it!

follow James Craig on instagram @jamescraig24

Liberty crew about to do work

Chase Morse – switch heel

Chase – nollie bs flip

Pat Nagy – five 0

this is Asher Bradshaw..tiny little ripper, for footage have a look here when he was 6

Asher – half cab blunt

Asher getting some air

Ryan Townley – half cab heel

Ryan bangin out a kickflip board on a broken board

this is why filmer Jordan Friesen prefers to be behind the lens…just kidding Jordan

Kevin Bradley – 180 switch fifty

Ryan Townley – bs lip

Sean Walsh – hardflip

someone’s gotta do a hippie jump in Venice…thanks Pat

Aaron and Chase trying to fight through the masses

Too much red bull and you can’t keep the camera straight…sorry Chase..switch bs flip

RJ Gohr – manny impossible

If you’re not gonna skate on Go Skate Day, you can always hit the bars…

Patrick Ryan getting massive air over the corner

Ryan getting stylee on this bs 360

All in all it was a great day with a good crew.  Check Aaron Brown’s edit here as well as Jordan Friesen’s edit here.  Thanks to Boomer and everybody at Liberty, Josh and everyone at JSLV, all the kids for coming out and ripping, and redbull for giving me wings!!


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