Laguna Surf and Sport Demo

On July 28th Laguna Surf and Sport held their first demo in 10 years, I have to say it was a good time had by all.  It felt like the old school demos that I grew up going to, simply skateboarding and good times.  There was even a best trick contest that gave the winner $500.  Here’s a few pics for those of you that didn’t make it.

the Brunner’s seem to rip everywhere they go, Pierce with a lipslide

Skull Candy supplying the beats

Danny Garcia repping with a bs noseblunt

Danny signing boards for the kids..err adults

I’m not sure this guys name, but he rips and has sick style.  Crook fakie…

…and here with a frontside heel over the Omit box, bangin!

Chris Brunner: port side 50-50

sml. wheels’ Javan Campello and the infamous Kenny Cano

Stance put up a ring toss to win some prizes

Javan Campello: bs noseblunt

Pierce Brunner: fs feeble

Dgar: switch crook

mini ramp for the mini rippers

smith grind from another unknown

Taylor McClung was ripping, 360 flip

Taylor also threw down a f/s flip over the box

industry support

Danny cruising with a bs 180 5-0

Pierce Brunner: f/s board

I don’t know much about this guy except his name is Brandon and he’s on flow from Emerica’s BK.  He nollie flipped out of this crook on a different try, def best trick worthy.

another little man on the come up…Alex Midler: feeble 360 shove-it

tail stall kickflip in

Kenny Hoyle, switch flip back tail on a not so small box

Javan Campello: bs smith

Thanks to all the sml wheels dudes for rolling out with me, all the companies and skaters for showing up, and Jimmy and Justin at Laguna Surf and Sport for putting on an amazing demo!


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