Liberty night at KREW

Last week Liberty had a little skate night over at Krew.  While most of us old folk hung out and chilled the young bucks got to work.  Here’s a few pics from the night, click the pics to enlarge.

Ryan Townley – b/s 180 nosegrind

Ryan holding onto a f/s board up and across

Colin Gile – f/s crook

Crew chillin at Krew

Sammy Montano – f/s pivot fakie

Chase Morse – b/s overcrook

Always gotta get a pic of the bossman…  Boomer – 50-50

Colin getting tech, hardflip f/s nose

Ryan about to stomp a 3-flip

David Rodriguez about to do work…

David doing work…alley oop b/s flip

Cody Hale blasting a b/s ollie

Thanks to Boomer at Liberty and Matt Sourapas from Krew for the good times!


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