javan campello

Laguna Surf and Sport Demo

On July 28th Laguna Surf and Sport held their first demo in 10 years, I have to say it was a good time had by all.  It felt like the old school demos that I grew up going to, simply skateboarding and good times.  There was even a best trick contest that gave the winner $500.  Here’s a few pics for those of you that didn’t make it. (more…)

sml. wheels video featuring the whole team!

The sml. wheels camp just released a new video, it’s featuring Javan Campello but it has clips from the whole team.  It also features some footage of their brand new wheels coming soon, hit the link and enjoy!


Small Wheels Summer Special

filming and editing by Aaron Brown

additional filming by Jason Hernandez, Joe Krolick, Justin Albert

Gravis/Analog Demo

Liberty Boardshop has been having an onslaught of great activities lately and this one was no different.  Both the Gravis and Analog teams came out and ripped.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

-jmar (more…)

LE demo at Liberty Boardshop

Been pretty busy the past few weeks, but here we go!

Liberty Boardshop and Life Extention Skateboards put on a signing and demo a while back and I cruised out to hang out with some friends and see some skateboarding go down… (more…)

New sml. ad

Here’s the newest ad I shot for sml. wheels. You’ll be seeing the footage of Javan doing this switch heelflip soon enough but for now go check some of his extra footage here. Those new sml. wheels are looking pretty flossy, big ups to Colt Bowden for designing them.  Also a shout out to Lowell Ong for putting this ad together.


Skate for Sirmon at the Vans park

This past Saturday was the Skate for Sirmon Benefit held at the Vans park at the Block of Orange Mall.  It was held to raise funds to help a good friend and fellow skater John Sirmon who was diagnosed with colon cancer.  For those of you who don’t know Sirmon, go to to get the full story.  The event had raffles, tons of prizes, and lots of friends and skaters who showed up to support.  It was great hanging out with Big John and to see that he still has that infectious smile and positive energy around him.  We’re all praying for you John and thanks to all who came and supported!! (more…)

Trajectory – sml. wheels – Part II

Although I missed the second day of filming for sml.’s trajectory, I made it out for the third.  Most of the team made it to Lincoln skatepark in LA and were all psyched and ready to go…except for the few minor details of Raymond being hurt, Javan being hurt, and James being super sick… (more…)