joe krolick

sml. wheels video featuring the whole team!

The sml. wheels camp just released a new video, it’s featuring Javan Campello but it has clips from the whole team.  It also features some footage of their brand new wheels coming soon, hit the link and enjoy!


Small Wheels Summer Special

filming and editing by Aaron Brown

additional filming by Jason Hernandez, Joe Krolick, Justin Albert

Wilfredo Gomez

I was watching a couple episodes of HBO’s “How to Make It In America” and was psyched to see Javier Nunez doing so well.  While watching his On Demand clip “Meet Wilfredo Gomez” I even noticed a trick I shot a while back, it was actually the first time I’ve shot with him.  There were people everywhere and I remember Joe Krolick had a huge crane set up to get a really gnarly angle, it was a battle to find a good spot to shoot but things worked out and I got a few good shots that day.  Anyway here’s the sequence, enjoy!


Javier – switch backside 180