ronnie creager

Agenda 2012

I went to the Agenda trade show last week and snapped a few pics.  They always put on a good show and it’s great to see a lot of friends I don’t always get to hang out with.  Enjoy.

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Girl/Chocolate Demo for (RED)

Saturday June 9th the Girl and Chocolate teams came out to Brea skatepark and put on a demo to support (RED), an organization dedicated to spreading AIDS awareness and fighting to deliver an AIDS free generation.  Liberty Boardshop hosted the event and threw another of their famous BBQ’s.  Here’s a few pics I snapped while enjoying the festivities.


LE demo at Liberty Boardshop

Been pretty busy the past few weeks, but here we go!

Liberty Boardshop and Life Extention Skateboards put on a signing and demo a while back and I cruised out to hang out with some friends and see some skateboarding go down… (more…)

Agenda Tradeshow

I stopped by the Agenda Trade show in Long Beach last Friday.  Although I was only there for a brief period to support friends’ companies, I have to say that it was one of the better conventions I’ve been to.  Much smaller than ASR, it had a smoother and more vibrant demeanor than your typical convention.  Here’s a few random pics I rattled off while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the skate industry.

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off the grid/text yourself goodness

Although these links have already been up for a minute, I still had to do a shout out for the homies.  The berrics is definitely killing it with its last off the grid article, featuring our boys James Craig and Danny Garcia; not to mention being filmed by Colin Kennedy.  Makes me think of the old days skating with this crew, always a good time.  Next throw in a text yourself featuring Ronnie Creager and that’s just some damn good entertainment.  Don’t worry, I’ll stop feeding off other peoples subject matter and get some of my own in due time.