Agenda 2012

I went to the Agenda trade show last week and snapped a few pics.  They always put on a good show and it’s great to see a lot of friends I don’t always get to hang out with.  Enjoy.

-jmar (more…)

Hasselblad test shots

So I recently bought a Hasselblad H2D-22.  I’ve been wanting to move into medium format for some time now.  The quality of the pictures are overwhelmingly amazing and have a distinct look which I really enjoy.  I’m still adjusting and getting used to the feel compared to a DSLR, so far I’m really happy with the results.  The biggest change for me has been the timing, my Nikon is much faster on the draw so when shooting action I need to switch up my timing a bit.  Nonetheless I am extremely psyched and here are a few quick test shots that I took with my friend Aquil Braithwaite, it’s harder to notice because these are lo-res images but if you click the pics you can see the sharpness and clarity a bit more.  Enjoy!


b/s flip

Laguna Surf and Sport Demo

On July 28th Laguna Surf and Sport held their first demo in 10 years, I have to say it was a good time had by all.  It felt like the old school demos that I grew up going to, simply skateboarding and good times.  There was even a best trick contest that gave the winner $500.  Here’s a few pics for those of you that didn’t make it. (more…)

Go Skate Day 2012….on the Red Bull Bus!!

I have actually had to miss the last few Go Skateboarding Days because of this or that reasons, but I was beyond stoked to not miss out on the festivities this year.  Liberty and JSLV hooked it up and got a red bull bus to cart 30 or more of us out to the Venice Skatepark for the Go Skate Day event there.  I decided I wanted to pound a bunch of red bulls and see what happened, bad call.  Here’s some of the photos that I was able to snap whilst my heart was going a million miles a minute. (more…)

Morgan Smith (finally) turns pro!

A huge congrats goes out to one of the gnarliest skaters I know.  I’ve been skating with Morgan for a while now and he still blows me away whenever I see him shred.  Here’s a few pics from the past few years.  Go check out his 60 minutes in the park video where they give him the news.  CONGRATS!!



Skate and Create – Robbie D ditch

This year dwindle was one of the teams entered in Transworld’s “Skate and Create” contest and I wanted to give props to James Craig and all the other skaters and individuals involved, the video was done really well and you should go check it here asap.  I was psyched to see that one of the chosen spots was a local ditch that was made famous by the infamous Robbie D, so I went and found a few pics that I shot one day while we were having some fun there…enjoy…



Wilfredo Gomez

I was watching a couple episodes of HBO’s “How to Make It In America” and was psyched to see Javier Nunez doing so well.  While watching his On Demand clip “Meet Wilfredo Gomez” I even noticed a trick I shot a while back, it was actually the first time I’ve shot with him.  There were people everywhere and I remember Joe Krolick had a huge crane set up to get a really gnarly angle, it was a battle to find a good spot to shoot but things worked out and I got a few good shots that day.  Anyway here’s the sequence, enjoy!


Javier – switch backside 180

off the grid/text yourself goodness

Although these links have already been up for a minute, I still had to do a shout out for the homies.  The berrics is definitely killing it with its last off the grid article, featuring our boys James Craig and Danny Garcia; not to mention being filmed by Colin Kennedy.  Makes me think of the old days skating with this crew, always a good time.  Next throw in a text yourself featuring Ronnie Creager and that’s just some damn good entertainment.  Don’t worry, I’ll stop feeding off other peoples subject matter and get some of my own in due time.


DOUBLE video part drop – Derek Fukuhara and Vince Duran

The homies Derek Fukuhara and Vince Duran have been killing the streets for a while now, and today each dropped their own respective video part.  Derek with his much deserved welcome video for World Industries (about time somebody put this guy on!), and Vince with a flowmies video for Ezekiel.  More often than not you can catch these two shredding the streets together, as evidence of such here’s a couple of sequences I took while we were skating this street gap in Santa Ana.  Also be sure to check out Derek’s recent interview over at ESPN.  Congrats guys!


Derek Fukuhara: switch varial heelflip

Vince Duran: big spin