DGAR interviewed on the Deaf Lens!


I got an email from the Deaf Lens’ Stephen Cox the other day, he put together an article with Danny while he was in town and needed some photos to round out the interview.  I was more than happy to help and sent my stuff over asap.  The first portrait is a great shot by skater/photographer Raymond Molinar and the rest are from a studio shoot and live performance I covered of Dgar.  Go check the interview on THE DEAF LENS it’s a great read on Danny’s experiences in skateboarding and music!



Thrasher Five Sequences

In honor of Blind dropping their newest video “Damn…”, Thrasher decided to have a Five Sequences featuring a few of their riders.  I was able to sneak a few of Morgan Smith and James Craig in there.  Hit the link and go check it!!! FIVE SEQUENCES!




Balmorhea/Danny Garcia interview on the Berrics

Colin Kennedy hit me up a bit ago to use some photos of Danny Garcia for an interview on the berrics.  Colin directed a music video for the band Balmorhea’s song “Pyrakantha” and wanted to have Danny star in it, it came out really sick so do yourself a favor and hit THIS LINK to go check the interview and the pics!


ps. I shot those portraits a while back, here’s a couple more from the same shoot…

Danny_SAportrait (15 of 36)

Danny_SAportrait (7 of 36)

Danny_SAportrait (3 of 36)

Pic of the week

This photo is from a while back taken at the Irvine foundation spot.  The ledges are all gone now but it was a good time while it lasted.  I grew up skating with Scott and he always would throw out some sick stuff that I had never seen him try before.  He had me do a double take when he was putting down these switch noseblunts.  I shot it with just natural light and love the colors and that it’s almost blown out but not quite.  He’s also an amazing artist and you should go check out his work at www.scottleeart.com.  Click to enlarge and enjoy!!


Scott_swnb_fishScott Lee: switch noseblunt

Pic of the week

This pic of the week is of none other than the infamous Mike Lee aka Muckles.  We were all on vacation in San Clemente and while searching for a burrito spot we stumbled upon this ledge.  I recognized it from a Vans ad shot by Anthony Acosta, didn’t wanna bite his photo but it was too good to pass up.  I threw a lot of light at him to shape him and make him pop out against the blue background.  Once again click to enlarge and take it with you!  Enjoy!!


Muckles_tailslide_sanclemente11Muckles: tailslide