Reverend Baron show at the Continental

Last week I went to see Reverend Baron aka Danny Garcia play, was an amazing show and I hope to see more.  Go check his music at amazon or on spotify, in the meantime here’s a few pics from the night…click to enlarge, enjoy!!!


Liberty night at KREW

Last week Liberty had a little skate night over at Krew.  While most of us old folk hung out and chilled the young bucks got to work.  Here’s a few pics from the night, click the pics to enlarge.

Ryan Townley – b/s 180 nosegrind (more…)

Beverly Hills Tradition: soft opening

I went to the soft opening of the brand new Tradition store at the Beverly Center with the Rastaclat team.  DJ Skee and his team did a great job with the store and Rastaclat was proud to contribute.  Here’s a few of the pics from the event.


CCS AM Project

Two local rippers have bangin parts in the new CCS AM Project contest, Small Wheels‘ flow rider Sammy Montano and from the Dema crew Chris Bell.  Hit the link and go vote for the ASAP!!!


Here’s a sequence of Sammy to persuade you all just a little bit more…

Sammy Montano: bs noseblunt like BAM!


Elite OC event

Last week I shot an event for The Elite OC Young Professionals Society at the Island Hotel at Fashion Island.  They are a group dedicated to bringing young professionals together to network and ultimately serve the community.  The great thing about Elite OC’s events is that each one they bring in a different charity that all attendees can donate to.  This month’s charity was Youth Employment Service (YES), they are a nonprofit organization that provides young people with the means to achieve economic independence and personal self-sufficiency.  Be sure to check out both websites to learn more about these two amazing organizations.  Also, go check the facebook page for Elite OC and YES and hit that like button!  Enjoy the pics.


Agenda 2012

I went to the Agenda trade show last week and snapped a few pics.  They always put on a good show and it’s great to see a lot of friends I don’t always get to hang out with.  Enjoy.

-jmar (more…)

Hasselblad test shots

So I recently bought a Hasselblad H2D-22.  I’ve been wanting to move into medium format for some time now.  The quality of the pictures are overwhelmingly amazing and have a distinct look which I really enjoy.  I’m still adjusting and getting used to the feel compared to a DSLR, so far I’m really happy with the results.  The biggest change for me has been the timing, my Nikon is much faster on the draw so when shooting action I need to switch up my timing a bit.  Nonetheless I am extremely psyched and here are a few quick test shots that I took with my friend Aquil Braithwaite, it’s harder to notice because these are lo-res images but if you click the pics you can see the sharpness and clarity a bit more.  Enjoy!


b/s flip